Foam Equipment

High Expansion Foam Generators

Americ Fire High-Expansion foam generators can be highly effective on fire suppression products for indoor and open spaces.

These generators typically expand concentrates at ratios between 200:1 and 1000:1 depending on the operating pressure.

Americ Fire foam generators are used to protect high value assets.

The foam generator can rapidly flood large rooms in a very small time with a deep layer of foam that suppresses flames and vapors by enveloping three-dimensional fires and cutting off oxygen.

These are ideally used in:

  • Aircraft hangers
  • Warehouses
  • Engine rooms
  • Transformer buildings
  • Cable tunnels
  • Underground storage facilities
  • Chemical storage rooms


These can be supplied standalone or a trailer mounted as mobile unit with or without foam storage tank

Foam Bladders Tanks

Bladder tank are an essential part of a balanced pressure proportioning system that includes a tank having foam agent In it. Upon system actuation, incoming water applies pressure to the concentrate in the bladder, which supplies pressurized concentrate to the proportioning device. The device meters the foam concentrate into the fire water line, creating foam solution.

Americfire foam bladder tanks are available in vertical and horizontal type manufactured in stainless steel as per recognized standards.

We can supply upto 15000 liters (4000 US Gallons).

UL and non-listed versions available.

Foam Chambers

Americ Fire Foam Chamber or foam top pourer is used protect storage tanks with the low expansion foam system. The application of foam is on the basis that the risk comprises the total surface area of the fuel. The foam system design guidelines generally used are in accordance with NFPA 11.

These generators typically expand concentrates at ratios between 200:1 and 1000:1 depending on the operating pressure.

Foam Chamber is an air aspirating foam discharge device, covering wide range of flow from 150 to 1800 litres per minute at 2.8 to 7 kg/ inlet pressure.

Foam Chamber is designed to discharge expanded foam directly onto the surface of a flammable or combustible liquid for fire extinguishment. Classified as a Type II discharge device in accordance with NFPA Standard 11, foam chamber delivers low expansion foam directly onto the fuel surface. Minimizing submergence and agitation increases the effectiveness of the foam blanket, resulting in more efficient operation, and superior extinguishing capabilities.

  • Available from 2.5" – 6" sizes
  • Working pressure 2.8 – 8 bar (50 to 100 psi)
  • Maximum flow upto 1800 liters
  • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel construction
  • Working pressure 2.8 to 7 Bar (40 to 100 PSI)
  • UL Listed and Non Listed versions